My 15th Birthday
My 15th Birthday
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Release date: June 22, 2017

Bia is an insecure kid. Her hobbies are quite different from what most teenagers like to do: she writes and composes songs for the ukulele and loves to hang out with her goofy dad. On top of that, she never kissed anybody, which is becoming an issue for Bia now that she’s almost 15. Feeling like an outcast, she works hard to be invisible at school. Bia’s only friends are her father, Edu, who does everything to make her feel comfortable with who she is, and Bruno, her classmate and music partner.

Bia’s life turns upside down she wins the biggest birthday party of the year in a contest, which she unknowingly was taking part in thanks to Edu. The prize includes a custom-made dress, a beautiful venue and an exclusive concert by the popstar Anitta. Bia becomes the school’s most popular girl overnight, making her former best friend Jessica jealous. Now Bia will go through a life-changing journey while been watched by all the kids who never even noticed her before, including Thiago, the Senior heartthrob that Bia always had a crush on. But is this what she wanted all along?

Starring Larissa Manoela, who played the beloved Maria Joaquina on the popular soap opera Carrossel and its two movie adaptations, Meus 15 Anos introduces themes that are very dear to teenagers, such as first kiss, accepting differences, the need to be popular and developing self-confidence.


Cast & Team
  • Direction
    Caroline Fioratii/
  • Cast
    Larissa Manoela/ Daniel Botelho/ Bruno Peixoto/ Priscila Marinho/ Victor Meyniel/ Anitta/ Pyong Lee/ Rafael Infante/